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S*Humletassens litter IT

Status explanations 

born 2009-03-10

Weight curve

Proud parents are:

Kittens Pedigree







IC S*Zygot's Galliano

S*Fridalas Dracena

(NFO n 24)

(NFO fs 23)

Both parents HCM normal. Both parents GSD4 tested normal 2009-05-24.
Name: S*Humletassens... Name Explanation Gender Colour * Status
Promise SuperSwap Storage cabinet (server hardware) Female NFO f 22  Sold, Sweden
YellowDog Linux OS/distribution Male NFO d 24  Sold, Sweden
Night Batch Scheduled server job runnigt at night... Male NFO ds 24  Sold, Sweden
Amiga Lorraine Amiga computer prototype Female NFO f 22  Sold, Sweden
Newborn Promise Superswap YellowDog Night Batch Amiga Lorraine
Birth Weight 129 gr. 104 gr. 120 gr. 80 gr.
Photo album 0,5 weeks

Photo Album 1 week        
Photo album 2 weeks        
Photo album  2,5 weeks        
Photo Album 3 weeks

 Photo Album 4 weeks

 Photo Album 5 weeks

 Photo Album 6 weeks

 Photo Album 7,5 weeks

 Photo Album 10 weeks

Photo Album 11 weeks

Photo Album 14 weeks

Amiga Lorraine has

moved to her new home

 Photo Album 16 weeks


 Yellowdog has

moved to his new home

Photo Album 5 months    
Photo Album 5,5 months    
20091002, 7 months old.    
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