Tequila and Gimlet's Kittens


"Nordic Mythology"

Born 2006-10-07

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Kittens Pedigree

Weight Diagram

  S*Humletassens... Birth weight Colour Note! Colours/patterns can be adjusted!!! Status info*

Female Verdandi 116 g. NFO n 09 23 Black brown tigré with white Stays in Cattery
Male Ratatosk 126 g. NFO d 09 23 Red tigré with white Sold, Sweden
Female Huldra 97 g. NFO ns 09 22 Black brown silver tabby with white Sold, Italy

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Pedigree for Litter Nordic Mythologies


S*Tossekattens Gimlet
SVERAK LO 207190
ns 09 22
owner: S*Fridalas
S*Juvelens Diamant
n 09 22
S*Solkullas Frode
SVERAK LO 151692
d 22
S*Gefjon Menja
GEN 20
f 09 21
S*MorrHoppans Vilda
GEN 19
ns 23
S*Utblicken´s Zoltan
SVERAK LO 176337
N*Pans Sølvi
GEN 21
ns 09 24
DK*Midnatstjernen's Tequila Sunrise
SVERAK LO 200957
f 09 23
owner: S*Humletassens
DK*Starkad's Willy Wigwam
FD LO 109701
n 09 22
DK*Starkad's Mr.Match Maker
FD LO 94296
ns 09 22
S*Gomorran's Åslaug
FD LO102057
f 09
DK*Starkad's Xanthippe
FD LO 109710
g 09
S*Tauron's Rudolf Rotnase
FD RX 13193 IMP-S
d 09
DK* Rokade Felis Jubatus
FD LO 94500
n 09


About buying kittens from S*Humletassens...

We follow SVERAK breeder rules - All kittens...

  • ...are dewormed several times and at least 12 weeks old before they leave the cattery.

  • ... has a SVERAK/FiFe registered pedigree

  • ... are veterinary examined - medical certificate (not older than 7 days) included.

  • .. are fully vaccinated towards feline cold and (medical certificate included).

  • Beyond these rules we always chipmark (injection at medical examination) our kittens before they are sold, so that vetenary clinics and the Police can scan for chip, identify and contact owner in case of emergency.


Status information - explanations

Note! status not available on web until age of 4 weeks.

For Sale The kitten is for sale.
On Hold Somebody has paid interest in the kitten but the kitten can still be for sale again.
Booked Payment has been received from buyers, the kitten is booked - but can be available again.
Sold The kitten has been paid for, contract is written/left cattery and moved to his/her new owners.

Contact information

Heli & Henrik Lindgren

*Mobile and SMS  +46 (0)736 565 125


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