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Snoken is a lovely cat in many, many ways. 

He was supposed to move to a breeder but since he was kryptocid he was neutered. His nick name is Snoken (Snoops). He is a curious, talkative, social happy cat!

We have fallen in love with him so we decided not to look for a new home. We hope he'd like to stay as a happy neuter at Humletassens and continue to gently wake us up in the mornings and follow us everywhere...

He will be our neuter show cat. He is the kind of cat that hardly can wait to get up on the judges table to get all the attention!

PR S*Humletassens Daredevil


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Daredevil's personal photo gallery

Born 2007-05-27 litter 3, Superheroes

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Pippi is a Domestic cat. Born spring 1992.

Pippi is a charming, very social 16 year old neuter. 

Her given name was Fiffi, but we thought it was Pippi... However she didn't mind, so we continued calling her Pippi.

Pippi is happy to purr for whomever that gives her attention. Since we moved to Pippi's farm spring 2007, and since she welcomed us so well we decided together with her owner that she could stay on the farm. 

To begin with, she will continue to guard the stable and live "outside" the cattery... until she decides to retire and live with us and in the cat run.

Pippi's personal photo gallery Updated 2008-11-06.

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- the Grand Lady of the farm -

Born 1992

Thank you Marie for this charming grand old lady of the farm!

We celebrate her "birthday" on June 6th

Neuters in S*Humletassens loving memory


 Vera was the first kitten to stay in the cattery of S*Humletassens. Born in litter Mythology, our 2nd litter.

She was extremly goodhearted towards both cats and people. She loved our big catrun and spent most of the time there, hardly seen indoors summertime.

Thank you Gunnel for letting Tequila meet Gimlet!

Her 1st show was at Boråskattens in February 24th, 2007.

Due to matrix infection Verdandi was neutered 20080813.


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Verdandi's personal Photo Gallery  

(gallery updated 2009-07-15)

S*Humletassens Verdandi

Born 2006-10-07

Deceased 2009-08-18

EMS code: NFO n 09 23

HCM tested: normal 2007-11-29


On August 19th, 2009 we found Verdandi fallen in eternal sleep in the catrun.

The examination showed that Verdandi's heart was in good condition. Unfortunately there was no explanation to the cause of death. The examination results has been sent to PawPeds.