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IC S*Zygots Galliano

- The King of the castle -

Born 2003-10-09.

EMS code: NFO n 24

HCM tested 2005-09-11 and 2008-03-09 with normal results.

GSD4 tested normal 2009-05-24

The King of the castle is a cool, cheerful, chatty boy.

This relaxed and a lovely, cuddly teddybear knows how to give sweet kisses to his owner when she comes home! He is a chatty beautiful male!

He usually makes an announcement that he has arrived when he enters the room. He loves to go out for a walk wherever we are, with his "antenna" (tail) self-confident, straight up. If we have to travel, he's OK with it.

Galliano will remain as the king of the castle until further notice.

Thank you Annika and Mats for the confidence to let this cool, cheerful, chatty boy to stay with us.

We love him!








Galliano's pedigree

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Galliano's Photo Gallery added 20091115

Cats in the King's territory


Father of our litter:

Cats (1)

Superheroes (3)

Audio (4)

IT (5)


Body type: Galliano's body has excellent size, length and balance, weight 5.6 kilos. Strong bone structure, he is a well built male. His head has a excellent tringle, straight sidelines, straight profile with good height. Good chin. His eyes has excellent look and excellent shape. His ears have excellent shape, size, and are excellent set. His coat is of good quality and length, as well as his tail. Galliano's Girlfriends:

S*Myselisia's Rhapsody

S*Zygot's Zo-Ya

He is also father to three of our own litters: Cats, Superheroes, Audio and IT litter.

IC S*Zygots Ul-Bin

- Prince of the castle -

Born 2006-09-10

EMS code: NFO w

HCM tested Equivocal 2008-03-09.

GSD4 tested normal 2009-05-24

Ul-Bin is a dream in white coming true...

This Zygot boy is also very social and chatty boy. 

Ul-Bin was tested HCM ecivocal in spring 2008. He will be tested again.

Thank you Annika and Mats for once again letting us have a baby from S*Zygot's!

We love him!

Body type: Ul-Bin is a big boy. He has a straight profile with good height, and he has a strong bone structure.


Ul-Bin's Pedigree

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Ul-Bin's personal Photo Gallery added 20091115

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Ul-Bin's Girlfriends:

None so far.. ;-)