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S*Humletassens litter Alfa Romeo

Status explanations 

born 2010-07-15

Weight curve

Proud parents are:

Pedigree CH S*Bokmalins Madame Flod IC S*Zygot's Ul-Bin
Name: S*Humletassens... Name Explanation Birth weight Gender Colour * Status
Giuseppe Busso Famous Alfa technical designer 49 gr. Male NFO w Passed the rainbow bridge
Tipo Stradale Extremely rare road car 104 gr. Male NFO w Passed the rainbow bridge (age 3,5 w.) Info
Disco Volante Experimental, streamlined supercar 85 gr. Female NFO n 03 Sold, Sweden
MiTo Modern Alfa, introduced in 2008 71 gr. Female NFO w Passed the rainbow bridge
Giulietta Classic car model 94 gr. Female NFO n 23/24 For sale
Montreal Classic car model 107 Male NFO w Passed the rainbow bridge
Tipo Stradale Disco Volante Giulietta
Babies first photo album:

Album Newborn

Album - 1 week 

Album - 2 weeks

Album - 3 weeks

Album - 4 weeks _Our charming darling Tipo passed the rainbow bridge, almost 4 weeks of age. 

He went seriusly ill and didn't recover dispite our efforts. 

Hopefully we will find out what caused the sudden illness. We are waiting for autopsy results. 

We miss him so incredibly much!!!

Album - 5,5 weeks


Album - 6 weeks


Album - 7 weeks


Camera @service...

Album - 12 weeks  
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