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Recommended for cat owners... and others:    
  S*Zygot's Galliano, Lilja, Ul-Bin and Faylinn's breeder FIFe The international cat fancier society
  DK*Midnatstjernen's Tequila's ex-family SVERAK The Swedish cat fancier society (part of FIFe)
  S*Zimexis Galliano's father BIRKA We are members of Skogkattklubben BIRKA.(SVERAK cat club)
  S*Tigerögas Parningskalender (a Swedish site)
  S*Lönneberga's Norsk Skogkatt i Fokus - Swedish NFO Community
  S*Royal Imp's  Norsk Skovkat info Denmark. With pedigree database
  S*Vimmerskogen's     Norsk Skovkattering, Denmark. With pedigree database
  S*Tassajaras ancestors of Galliano     Skogkattslingan Sweden. Swedish NFO club
  S*Silent Hill's     Shaggytail's NFO database Denmark. Pedigree database
  S*Fridalas     Pawpeds NFO database with FIFe's Easy Mind System
  S*Bokmalins Home of Bombalurina (Cats)     for Breed Codes and Colours
  Av Bondegard Home of Lilja's sister Snökristall     English NFO database
  S*Chop Suey's     Litter Colour Calculator in Swedish only...
  S*Stigfjordens Swedish site with cat genetics
  I*Icelanke Home of Huldra (Mythology)     NFO Colour Guide Swedish Colour guide by S*Seerath's and S*Chop Suey's
  S*Långängens Favourite links
  I*Lux Felina Tigerögas worldwide links and more. Recommended!
  I*Ombra del Nord
  I*Silvanestis Katz scratch an climbing trees
  S*Nalle Puh's My cat/babysitter Robine
  S*Cederskogens Home of Dracena's sister Digitalis     Babelfish@Altavista language translator
  N*Fodnaheia's     Lexin The Swedish school dictionary
  av Snöfjord - home of Ul-Bins grandfather Smultron     Bonton - Lindström cartoon
  S*Wegietassen's - home of Robin (Superheroes)  


The Finnish calendar New and old calendars with Finnish national holidays...
  S*Little L's  


Pä - Finnish calendar on the web
  I*Trollstigen - home of Magneto (Superheroes) Swedish calendar on the web
  S*Kronängens - NFO breeder in the neighbourhood...      


Dog links
  Jellylorum - from our first litter "Cats"     Impressive's - Boxer breeder
  Pripps - My first cat  

Girongården - Breeder of Finnish Lapphund
  Johan - My cousins page.      
  We are members of and financially support the animal ambulance in Sweden. 
  We use ZooEasy breeder program, for our pedigrees, mating plans etc.
  Software used in some of our webalbums! :-) Great tool - easy to learn, a lot of templates...